Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli Square Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

The winner of our 2008 Parent’s Picks quest to find the best Place for Family Bonding in the Bay Area, this place serves up some of the best in town. It is worth the long wait in line!
You can choose anything from the relatively modest hot fudge ice cream sundae, to the Earthquake, a “dessert delight of epic proportions” created with eight scoops of ice cream and as many different toppings. Or just go for a scoop, shake, or malt. We recommend the toasted almond, an unusually good and hard-to-find flavor.

Ghirardelli Chocolate has been a San Francisco institution for more than a century. The founder, Domingo Ghirardelli, was born in Italy in 1817 and came to San Francisco during the Gold Rush to make his fortune. He made it the way the shrewdest San Franciscans did at the time – by building a business. He established his chocolate factory in 1852.

At the Ghirardelli Manufactory, you can still see the original equipment in operation, though don’t expect much; it’s really no more than a few pots. Granted they’re big and full of chocolate, but this is not a working factory.

Article from the gocitykids. com website

The Original Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli Square
900 North Point
San Francisco, CA 94109